Find hot domains with Firefox

Ever read a phrase online and think: "that would make a great domain name"? Domain Lookup is a Firefox extension that helps you discover desirable domain names while surfing the web.

Domain Lookup offers three powerful tools to search for domains within Firefox. Each integrates with 60+ of the world's most popular domain registrars.

22,000+ webmasters have installed Domain Lookup (see what they say). Try it yourself, and we think you'll be hooked too. Need help? See our setup guide.

The Essential Domain Tool For Firefox

'One Click' Domain Searches

Select the text for your search and hit the shortcut key. Domain Lookup cleans up the text, strips illegal characters and searches for your domain.

Save Time With the 'Search Box'

New! Forget fumbling with clumsy WHOIS services - search for domain names via Firefox's search box and your regular registrar.

Works With Your Regular Registrar

Integrates seamlessly with 60+ major domain registrars and tools, including Go Daddy, Moniker, Network Solutions, NameCheap, Hover, DomainTools, Gandi...

Useful 'Server-Not-Found' Pages

New! Enhanced 'server not found' page automatically checks domain availability, with links to register the domain or perform site diagnostics.

Domain Searches Kept Private

Domain searches are never, ever logged. We take your privacy seriously - be sure to read our privacy promise to learn why Domain Lookup is safe.

Hear What Our Users Say

"I've been buying domains left and right using this extension... Curse you, Domain Lookup!" - Jonathan Danylko,