Top 4 Domaining Myths

There is no shortage of half-truths in any field where there's big bucks at stake. Domaining is no different.

If you're new to domaining and want to learn more, we recommend Mickie Kennedy's excellent Domain Sales Machine course. Forget the corny title - it's a fantastic introduction to the topic.

Here's some of the domaining myths we hear time and again.

Myth #1: "All Good Domains Gone"

Many so-called experts insist that every desirable domain has been registered. Make no mistake: they are protecting their own domain investments.

The 'every good domain has gone' claim is verifiably false. New words and phrases are coined every single day, and old domain registrations lapse.

The truth is that there are tens of thousands of two and three word domains waiting to be registered.

Domain Auction Price Registration Date ROI* $2,500 August 6 2007 249x $2,500 September 27 2007 249x $2,250 November 13 2007 224x $2,000 November 5 2007 199x
*Assuming initial $10 registration fee.

All these domains have been registered in the last two years. All have sold for many times their annual registration fee at auction.

Myth #2: "All Domains Are Equal"

Premium keyword domains are an asset to your business. Which sounds more impressive: or

The market for premium domains keeps growing in value. Over one hundred domain names sold for $100,000+ in 2007.

Myth #3: Type-In Traffic

"Type-in traffic" is the name given to users typing URLs into browser address bars. Many great keyword domains have very, very low volumes of type-in traffic. Furthermore, the quality of this traffic may or may not be great. Learn more in this blog post.

Myth #4: The New TLD Goldrush

Everytime a new TLD is announced - .MOBI, .US, .TRAVEL - hype merchants start talking up the value of buying these extensions. The truth? Aside from a few obvious high-value keywords (think or, the resale value is going to be limited.

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