Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of people use Domain Lookup?

A: Anyone who regularly registers domain names, including:

  • Webmasters
  • Web developers
  • Web designers
  • Domainers

Q: Why the heck would I use Domain Lookup?

A: Domain Lookup makes it easy to find high-quality domains currently available to register while you are browsing the web.

It features three powerful tools for searching for domains in Firefox. Make it a part of your everyday web browsing, and you stand a chance of turning up the occasional diamond in the dirt.

Q: Meh! Everybody knows all the good domains went years ago...

A: That's what certain people would have you believe. But the 'every good domain has gone' claim is verifiably false. New words and phrases are coined every single day, and old domain registrations lapse. Be sure to read our 'domaining myths' section to learn why this is untrue.

Q: Is Domain Lookup a standalone program?

A: Domain Lookup is a browser extension that works with Firefox and related browsers, like Flock and Wyzo. Our setup guide will walk you through installation one you have a compatible browser installed.

Q: Does it support Windows / Max OS X / Linux?

A: It's been tested on Windows XP and Mac OS X, but should work on any Firefox install.

Q: Do you log my domain searches?

A: No. We take privacy seriously and promise never to log domain searches.

Domain Lookup handles regular searches client-side, meaning that your browser interacts directly with your domain registrar to search - there is no need for domain data to be sent via our servers. We encourage you to check your firewall logs to verify this.

The 'search box' feature routes domain lookups via our servers. This is currently the only way to integrate 60+ registrars with Firefox's search box.

You'll notice that search box lookups are handled via:

  • Secure HTTPS connection
  • Dedicated anonymous subdomain

The secure HTTPS connection is encrypted using SSL - the same protocol used by banks and retailers to keep online payments secure.

This subdomain ( has URL logging disabled by Apache server, meaning URLs called - which include the domain searches - are not logged on our servers.

Please see our privacy promise for full details.

Q: Who is behind Domain Lookup?

A: Domain Lookup is published by Quality Nonsense Ltd. We're a small internet marketing company based in Soho, London. Based nearby? We love to meet our users - drop us a line! Else be sure to subscribe to our internet marketing blog. All development work on Domain Lookup is handled by our long-term partners at the super-duper Staplefish.

Q: Does Domain Lookup phone home?

A: If you run a firewall, you may notice that Domain Lookup contacts The extension contacts so the extension can:

  1. Download up-to-date registrar information
  2. Submit totally anonymous, aggregated user statistics
  3. Handle 'Search box' lookups (which we can't handle any other way).

You may notice that the extension contacts at unusual times (ie, not always when you are using it). Simple: we stagger the times our users contacts our server to spread server load.

We never, ever log your domain searches. Please see our privacy promise.

Q: Where can I learn more about domaining?

A: We recommend Mickie Kennedy's excellent Domain Sales Machine course. Forget the corny title - it's a fantastic introduction to the topic.

Q: How come Domain Lookup is free?

A: Domain Lookup uses special links from registrar & web hosting affiliate programs. This allows us to offer the extension 100% free to our users, as this covers our development costs. The downside is... actually, there is no downside.

Say you register a .COM domain at Moniker - they pay us around $0.75 per domain. You get to register great domains, and we cover our costs. Everybody's happy.

We work with these established and trustworthy affiliate networks:

  • Affiliate Window
  • Commission Junction
  • Domain registrars in-house programs
  • TradeDoubler

Please see our privacy promise.

Q: How come new registrars appear when I haven't installed an update?

A: Domain Lookup downloads registrar data every 24 hours or so. Because we integrate directly with registrars websites, minor changes their end can stop the extension working.

We want to make sure the extension carries on working without our users needing to worry about sudden, frequent updates to registrars' sites. So the registrar data is automatically updated when you are online.

This also means we can add new registrars without our 10,000s of users having to update the extension every single time.

Q: How do I stop Domain Lookup from switching my 'server-not-found' browser error?

A: Simple, head to Tools > Domain Lookup Options in Firefox and untick 'Show enhanced error page for 'server not found' errors'. Alternatively, you can select this option at the footer of the enhanced 'server-not-found' page or right-click the 'Domain Lookup' logo in your browsers status bar.

Q: Will you add my preferred domain registrar?

A: We currently support 60+ registrars, including many of the world's largest registrars. Please check first on our domain registrars page, and suggest a new registrar at the bottom of the page if neccessary.

We are not able to add every domain registrar - but if more than a handful of users ask for one, we'll aim to add it. Please note we cannnot integrate with every domain registrar - it depends how their site handles domain lookups.

Q: I work for Major Domain Corp Inc. - will you add us?

A: We get approached by many registrars and resellers. We're happy to add your company in exchange for exposure for our tool, for examples, a blog post or mention in your email newsletter. Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

Q: How can I show my love for Domain Lookup?

A: Nothing says 'I love you' like a review on the official Mozilla addons site. Here's the link. Alternatively, we are always grateful for blog write-ups, Tweets etc. Aw, you guys!

Q: Why don't I see the enhanced 'server-not-found' error page?

A: There are two common causes:

  1. You are using OpenDNS (or similar)
  2. Your ISP intercepts DNS errors

It's easy to disable OpenDNS on your local machine (see their install instructions). But even if you have not setup OpenDNS or similar, your network admin may have done so for the whole network.

Some ISPs intercept DNS errors, such as T-Mobile in Germany or Virgin Media in the UK. To opt out, you'll need to setup your computer to use alternate DNS servers Some ISPs will offer intercept-free DNS servers if you ask.

Q: How can I remove the Domain Lookup search from Firefox's search box?

A: Head to the search box and hit the options dropdown to the left, and choose 'Manage Search Engines' (see how to remove search engines).

Q: How do I change the shortcut key?

A: Go to Tools > Domain Lookup Options in Firefox and look for the tick box in the bottom panel.

Q: How can I stop Domain Lookup from stripping hyphens?

A: Go to Tools > Domain Lookup Options in Firefox and look for the tick box in the bottom panel.

Q: I'd like to suggest a new feature...

A: Then we'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch via our contact form.

Q: I want to blog about Domain Lookup...

A: That'd make us very happy. Please let us know when the post is live via our contact form.

Q: Where can I find the software licence and/or terms and conditions of use?

A: Domain Lookup is published by Quality Nonsense Ltd and offered free for Mozilla Firefox users. Further details are here.

Q: How do you spread the word about Domain Lookup?

A: Mostly via word of mouth, plus the odd listing on web directoties like the ManicMedia Directory.

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Ever read a phrase online and think: "that would make a great domain"? Domain Lookup is a Firefox extension that helps you discover desirable domain names while surfing the web.

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