Three Ways To Discover Domains

Domain Lookup offers three ways to search for domains in your browser:

  1. Contextual Search
  2. 'Server Not Found' lookup
  3. Search Box lookup

1. Contextual Search

Simply select the text you want as a domain and hit the shortcut key (CTRL + SHIFY + D by default). Alternatively, right-click for the contextual menu and click 'Domain Lookup for'. Domain Lookup will clean-up the text and strip illegal characters and check if the domain is available at your favorite domain registrar.

Contextual searches can also be triggered by clicking the Domain Lookup logo in your browser's status bar (bottom right of your Firefox window).

2. 'Server Not Found' Search

Let's be frank: Firefox's default 'server not found' page is next to useless. We'll bet you can't even remember what it suggests you do to fix the problem!

Here's a quick reminder of what it looks like:

That's far from useful, in our humble opinion. Domain Lookup offers an enhanced 'server not found' page with access to four webmaster tools:

  • Register domain
  • WHOIS lookup
  • Make an offer on this domain via Sedo
  • Discover who hosts the domain via Who Is Hosting This

Here's what our enhanced 'server not found' page looks like:

We hope you'll agree: this is far more useful for a typical webmaster.

The error page automatically checks availability of the domain. If it's available, we'll show you a handy link to register it at your favorite registrar.

If it's registered or we're not sure (eg, if the WHOIS times out), we'll tell you.

All 'server not found' features use the registrar you chose during setup. The 'server not found' feature can be turned-off with just one-click.

3. Search Box

Our most 'asked for' feature. The new version of Domain Lookup adds domain lookup to your Firefox search box (top right in the browser). Be sure to read our privacy promise about how this feature works.

Next Steps

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Ever read a phrase online and think: "that would make a great domain"? Domain Lookup is a Firefox extension that helps you discover desirable domain names while surfing the web.

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