How To Install Domain Lookup

No idea how to install a Firefox extension? Relax: our super-simple instructions will get you started in 60 seconds or so.

1. Visit the Domain Lookup page at Mozilla Addons. It'll look like this...

Mozilla Addons

(Mozilla Addons window not opened? Click here to open it again.)

2. Click the green 'Add to Firefox' button.

3. Read the EULA (AKA the 'user agreement'). This explains the terms of use of Domain Lookup. If you agree with them, click the green 'Accept and Install' button to continue.

4. Firefox will show a yellow warning at the top of the screen, like this...

Click the 'Allow' button on the top right of the yellow strip.

5. Firefox will show yet another warning box that reads: "Install Add-ons Only From Authors You Trust". Click the 'Install Now' button.

This window will look like this...

6. Firefox's Add-Ons panel will popup. Once the extension has finished downloading, click the 'Restart Firefox' button in the yellow strip.

The window will look like this...

7. Select your domain registrar in the window that'll open. You only have to do this once, and it means that you'll be able to do domain searches at your favorite domain registrar. The page will look like this...

8. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about the extension.

9. Read 'Getting Started', the page that will open the first time you run Domain Lookup. The page will look like this...

Phew! You should be all setup. Having trouble? Please check our FAQ first, then contact us for help. We'll do everything we can to help.

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