Our Privacy Promise

We take privacy seriously. Our privacy promise is simple:

"We promise never, ever to log your domain searches."

We appreciate that many users will want more information about our privacy practices. We offer a detailed explanation of our privacy practices below.

Q: How do I know you aren't logging my domain searches?

A: Domain Lookup handles regular searches client-side, meaing that your browser interacts directly with your domain registrar to search - there is no need for domain data to be sent via our servers. We encourage you to check your firewall logs.

Q: How come the extension contacts DomainLookup.org? I'm not even using the extension...

The extension contacts DomainLookup.org so the extension can:

  1. Update registrar information
  2. Aggregate totally anonymous usage statistics
  3. Execute 'search box' searches

Registrar updates are downloaded at randomized times to stop our servers being overloaded. We need to avoid 1000s of installs requesting our registrar data all at the same time.

We use anonymous usage data to improve the extension. We look at two things: how often users use the extension, and which registrars and TLDs they use. This allows us to make informed decisions about which registrars and TLDs to set by default ('Go Daddy' and '.COM' at present).

The 'search box' feature routes domain lookups via our servers. This is currently the only way to integrate 60+ registrars with Firefox's search box.

You'll notice that search box lookups are handled via:

  • Secure HTTPS connection
  • Dedicated anonymous subdomain

The secure HTTPS connection is encrypted using SSL - the same protocol used by banks and retailers to keep online payments secure.

This subdomain (anonymous.domainlookup.org) has URL logging disabled by Apache server, meaning URLs called - which include the domain searches - are not logged on our servers.

Q: Who has access to my domain lookup data?

A: The short answer: 'nobody - unless your security is already compromised'. We believe the biggest risks to your data being seen by others are:

  1. Spyware/Adware. We always recommend AdAware to keep PCs squeeky clean.

  2. Your ISP. Some ISPs sell 'type-in' domain data. That means if you type away in Firefox trying to guess available domains, your ISP may log this and sell it on.

    Pocket SEO have a great explanation of how companies like UltraRPM and MetaPredict mine this Non-eXistent Domain (NXD) data for 'domain kiting'. There's another good write-up about the issue at Domain Tools.

  3. Your Registrar. The Network Solutions frontrunning scandal is well-documented. We urge our users to think long and hard about their choice of domain registrar. We use and actively recommend Moniker.

  4. Your DNS Servers. Using 3rd party DNS servers (like the ever-excellent OpenDNS) hands these companies your domain type-in data on a platter. Does your DNS service sell their NXD data?

Q: Does Domain Lookup use affiliate links?

A: Yes, Domain Lookup uses affiliate links. We've always been completely upfront about how we cover our development costs. Affiliate links are what allows us to offer the extension 100% free to our users.

Say you register a .COM domain at Moniker, we earn around $0.75. You get great domains, and we cover costs. Everybody's happy.

We work with these established and trustworthy affiliate networks:

  • Aff.biz
  • Affiliate Window
  • Commission Junction
  • Domain registrars in-house programs
  • Shareasale
  • TradeDoubler

Q: Who is the company behind Domain Lookup?

A: Domain Lookup is published by Quality Nonsense Ltd. We're a small internet marketing company based in London - take a look at our blog to learn more. All extension development work on Domain Lookup is handled by our long-term partners at the super-duper Staplefish.

Q: Do you sell or rent email addresses?

A: Your personal details will not be sold, rented, shared or otherwise misused. We use Aweber to handle our subscriptions. They insist that all publishers meet California's super-strict CAN-SPAM Act (even thought we're based in the UK).

You can unsubscribe at any time with a couple of clicks - there's a link in the footer of every email you'll receive from us.

Our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains what we do with any data we collect.

We may use your IP address for several reasons: to help diagnose server problems, to administer our website, to help identify you and to gather broad demographic information using webstats packages, like Google Analytics. This uses cookies.

We may collect demographic and profile data to tailor user experience. Based on this information, we may display products and content we feel you might interest you. We may request data such as contact information, email address and demographic data.

Any information you provide is used only to send you information and promotional material you specifically request. You can opt out at any time.

We do not spam, rent or sell our mailing list. Your personal data is only passed to a third party when required by law.

Demographic and user data is collected to so we can make sure we offer the best user experience possible.

This site contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these sites.

Got Privacy Questions?

If you've any more questions about privacy, be sure to contact us. We'll be happy to answer them.

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