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Domain Lookup has been featured on many of the world's top webmaster and SEO blogs, including Aaron Wall's SEObook.com and SEO Blackhat.

Here's what people are saying.

"...check out Domain Lookup for Firefox. It's a Firefox add-on that could save you valuable seconds."
Download Squad.

"Finding the right domain name... can sometimes become quite a difficult task, this where Domain Lookup steps into place."

"A very useful tool for domain junkies."
Affiliate Summit founder Shawn Collins, at AffiliateTip.com

"If you buy a fair amount of domains, this extension may be useful."
Quadszilla, SEO blogger at SEO Blackhat.

"Domain Lookup lets you perform one click domain searches at your registrar of choice using the selected (highlighted) text in your browser window."
Mark Fulton, domainer and publisher of DotSauce.

"Maybe even a little too helpful. I've been buying domains left and right using this extension... Curse you, Domain Lookup!"
Jonathan Danylko blogger at DCS-media.com.

"The extension worked like a charm... it will definitely be staying in my browser."

"For me this is a must have tool."
Rodney Blackwell, domainer and blogger, at DomainJunkies.com.

"This is an ideal tool for those who use keyword domains as they can easily launch the domain lookup service right from their web based keyword tool."

"To automate this process domain lookup is an excellent tool for webmasters and domain hunters.It will automate your work to a great extent. "

"...a really handy tool."
Three Tips a Day.

"This is a pretty handy tool for those who love to make money from...domains"

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Ever read a phrase online and think: "that would make a great domain"? Domain Lookup is a Firefox extension that helps you discover desirable domain names while surfing the web.

Domain Lookup offers three powerful tools to search for domains within Firefox. Each integrates with 60+ of the world's most popular
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